china town light up

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harlow...i will be free on fri and sat nites too!...

Me going down tonight (8th Feb) with some friends.

Nikon F65
Oly C-2100UZ
Canon G2

will post some pictures soon.

watch this space. :)

Oh wow! What a lovely night it was. Met over a dozen other photographers (sadly none of whom i knew) - all politely jostling for prime positions.

Groups of NJC folks, soloists, guys with serious equipments, wannabes (myself inclusive)

Prime locations:
a) Second floor of the food market at Trengannu Street.
b) All along Trengannu Street.
c) The Billard Rooms (got slightly distracted - needed the air-con)
d) Food Street

Photos coming up next... :)

Where are all your shots?? LoL

Dun tell me u all take longer than me!! All the digicam users havent post their shots wor!! LOL


Not open for further replies.