charge time btw shots

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Apr 16, 2002
notice that oly 2100UZ need around 6 sec to recharge the flash?!?!
means after taking one shot must wait for 6 sec to take another??
its damm long leh
wat other cam takes this long for the flash to recharge?

Depends on how strong the flash output is, if just using as a fill flash under the sun, I can pretty much shoot one every second... But then if its one of the big booms (My flash goes Ba Pang...wheEEEeEEE).... let me try..... about 6 seconds as well....

My internal flash also needs 5-6 seconds to charge after a full power output.

Er... You got the oly Uzi???

no no :D
i nothing to do then go look at the 2100uz
like very good leh
10X zoom
380mm if i am not wrong
can zoom to my next block liao

btw i though my cam the flash recharge was long till i look at the 6sec:eek:

Well, look at the GN (Guide number) of the flash... these are units used to measure the power of the flash... Other things that can affect this is the current the camera routes to charge the capacitor for the flash. An external flash will almost definately be more powerful but the charging time may not be longer... this is because it uses its own power supply (often 4 AA batteries... the same as a camera), it takes around the same time.

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