Celebrate Singapore To Expand Reach Of National Day Celebrations 2004

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May 8, 2002
Extract from Singapore Tourism Board Website:

Celebrate Singapore Events

Singapore Fireworks Festival 2004 (31 July - 15 Aug)
Among the exciting Celebrate Singapore events which Singaporeans and visitors can look forward to is the inaugural Singapore Fireworks Festival, which will set the skies over Marina Bay ablaze on three consecutive Sundays on the 1st, 8th and 15th of August. With fireworks displays by award-winning companies from Singapore, the United States and Hong Kong, visitors to the festival can look forward to a spectacular show of light and sound never seen here before!
As part of the fireworks festival, Marina Bay will also be the site of a carnival, spanning a 16,000-sq-m site at the Marina Promenade, which will offer loads of fun, food, games and activities for families. The carnival will be complemented by a series of concerts featuring popular artistes such as 5566, K1, R&B and many others.

Jump On Singapore (21-22 Aug)
For the first time in the nation's sporting history, Singaporeans will be able to skydive and celebrate National Day with Jump on Singapore, the country's first skydiving festival. Members of the public will be able to take part in high-adrenaline tandem jumps, while professionals can skysurf, freefly and formation skydive during the festival. This event at Marina South will feature exciting aerial performances and other exhilarating activities by skydiving professionals, with some 2,000 jumps planned over the two-day festival.
Singapore Chinese Orchestra National Day Concert (30 July)
Cultural events are also a key feature of Celebrate Singapore, with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra staging a special National Day performance on 30th July with one of the biggest Chinese orchestra ensembles. With a massive 2004 instruments and performers from more than 40 participating organisations, this concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium will kick off the series of Celebrate Singapore events.

Singapore Street Opera Festival (13-15 Aug)
A three-day street opera festival will also take place along the Singapore River to showcase the rich traditions and history of Chinese opera. Produced by Arts Inc, this event aims to bring back some of Singapore's local Chinese traditions from days past.
In addition, for the second year in a row, the Civic District will light up in the evenings especially for National Day, with some 40 buildings expected to be illuminated for the whole month of August.

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