Canon USA announces new pricing for EOS-D60

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Bulk purchase of D60...anybody interested???

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yup, but most film uses use flash with negs most of the time, no? ;)

err....greatly mistaken my man. Flash are not meant for negs only. You know most of us here use slides.

Also, D-SLR exposure latitude is similar to slides.

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i never said flash is only meant for negs. i said most film users use flash with negs - of course i know the pple here use slides (since we're all image quality freaks ;)), but if u look at the total population of photographers, i don't think i'm that far off in saying most pple leverage on the latitude of negs for flash shots, unknowingly, or knowingly.

besides, there's a whole range of different photographic situations where it may not be so feasible, or even desirable, to use slides eg weddings, events etc where prints are generally demanded. most clubsnap slide only users don't shoot events.

come to think of it, the negs vs slides thing can be another poll for discussion. i think i'll start one later ;p

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