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Jan 17, 2002
Originally posted by Epos

Just joined this community....Saw nice photos taken by you...Just needed your advice.

I had previously owned P&S digital cameras like Fuji MX1500 and then a Sony S75. I feel that the picture I take still looks very "amaturish" as I dun have much control over the settings. I am seriously considering the D30. Wat do you advise?? I know the D60 is going to be released soon...Should I wait?? I have a few nikon D lenses as I have the F50. ...Should I wait for the Fuji S2 proto continue using the nikon lenses?? ...Too many questions...was wondering wats your view....Thanks....

Welcome to ClubSNAP Epos.
Your question will be answer by many of the D30 Die Hard fans here ;)

Epos: What Nikon lenses do you have?

Originally posted by ninelives
who?? where? when? :dunno:

I'm redirecting the Message Epos have send to me here so, other then me answering to him, the rest of the guys can share thier view too.

If you are interested in sharing your view, please do, if not, you know what to do ;)

I think cp5000 sharpening algorithm needs to be fine-tuned. People keeps complaining about softness. It really not lens-related!

I think that Epos shld and must wait for the release of both the so-called D60 and the S2 Pro.

One, the "D60" might be better then the D30 in some ways and it might push the price of it lower. But to have a total change in a system is really something not many would do.

The S2 Pro look set to be another good one. My pass experiences with Fuji digital camera had left mi a very good impression of what Fuji can do. The colour of Fuji.

My advise is that since you have been waiting for so long, why not wait a bit more..... It will not kill you........

But digital post another problem.

With digital, you tend to shoot a lot more. And post processing and selection of pictures will suck away our time.

i got questions about the 1.6X multiplier of D30.
what i know is that e.g. a 50mm would effectively becomes a 80mm on the D30, but then the result is not exactly all the same as a 80mm on 35mm format.
like to know how the followings are actually affected;
a) focal length/zoom
b) angle of view
c) perspective
d) dof
and also e) min focusing distance

Hi DieHarder,

A picture taken with a DSLR with 1.6x multiplier with a 50mm lens will have the perspective and DOF of a 50mm lens but with a magnification of an 80mm lens. It's just a crop of the 50mm pic at its meddle portion into the 80mm magnification. This is due to the size of the sensor being smaller then the 35mm frame. See here for more details.

The only thing that's different is that you effectively have the DOF of the shorter lens. That's the only real difference, otherwise you have a "new" lens. Perspective doesn't change.

I have three Nikon Lenses 35-80, 28-105,70-210 all D type. Have been seriously thinking to Digital SLR but really having a hard time deciding. Fuji S2 Pro sounds good but dunno whether the Super CCD (Gen III) will give rise to noise ( I hate Noise). Canon D60 is rumoured to have higher pixel count but the body construction is not as good as the D30. D30 is excellent but I need to start the lens collection again ,moreover thge price may drop when the D60 is out. Darn....really hard to decide....Need all the advice I can get ...Please let me know your views...thanks...


Personally, I would stick with Nikon unless you have a very good reason to switch. While your lenses are relatively cheap, whether in relation to the new camera or not, there is little sense to change them. All cameras are about the same in the key areas, and it's rarely worth changing for a peripheral. For example, with the kind of work I do at the moment the EOS1D is probably my dream camera, but I'm not jumping ship because I know when Nikon produce the D2 or whatever, it will be better than that. And when Canon release the one after that, it will be better again. It's a never ending cycle. Stick with what you have and be happy with it.

One possibility is to go looking for a used D1 or S1, their prices will be plummeting as we speak.

With the current Nikon Lens collections you have, get a D1, D1X, D1H.

The current price of Canon EOS D30 is about $4k+-

Then the additional battery grip + spare battery = another $350+-

And Lens, Flash & Accessories .... $$$$$$$$

Look around; you might get a good buy for secondhand D1 or even D1X.

I agree with Bluestrike 100% Is there any reason why you can't wait for the D60 and S2 to actually be released before making a decision whether to buy the D30 or the D60/S2?

It is not as if you don't have any camera at all. In fact, you appear to have 3 :)

Thanks for all your explaination.
... so am i right to say it works like a 1.6x digital zoom?

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