Camera(s) You've Used/High on yr Wishlist

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Jun 13, 2004
Hi everyone,

Pls share your recommendations and experiences with the cameras you've used or would love to own.

Compact: Yashica T-4.
Great lens. Love the waist level finder. Well worth the $210 I spent on it eons ago.

Digital: Nikon Coolpix 995
Replaced my old 950. A good improvement, however I don't like the slow startup, nor the focusing.

SLR: Nikon F4S/E
Slow focusing, not as fast as a Canon EOS, but good weight, sturdy die cast body.

SLR: FM2/FE2/FM3 (wishlist)
Would love to get my hands on any of above. $AVE! Going back to the roots. Manual.

Digital: Nikon DSLR (wishlist)
Nuff said!

Best SLR I've borrowed:
Leica SL2. Exceptional quality, albeit negative feedback on this camera.

Digital: Canon Ixus 330

Would love to own: Canon Ixus 500

Am just pixel-hungry :)

My list:

Film SLR:
Canon EOS 500: Very good camera. Light, easy to carry. Handling is excellent with flexibility of creative zones.

Nikon CoolPix 885: Small, easy to carry. However, very slow on startup, and long shutter lag. Pictures can turn out quite sharp, but underexposed. Sold off in less than 1 year.

Canon G3: Superb camera. Handling, picture quality, functionality, battery life, expansion for external flash, all very good. I'm still keeping this camera.

Canon EOS 10D: Excellent camera. Don't have to mention the good points, do I? ;)

Wish List:
Canon EOS 1D MkII with all the lenses I need!

Interesting thread... ;p

Here's a list of cameras I own/used to own and wish to own:

Used to own:

  • Canon Powershot G3. Excellent prosumer cam for its time, still holds its own against the newer prosumer offerings like the Pro 1 etc. Wonderful picture quality and the flip screen was a great design feature. Great battery life too. Downsides was the awful shutter lag, slow focusing, and occasional CA in pics. Overall still a great cam.

  • Canon Powershot A70. Another great cam, small sized and with mode settings you'd normally find on a (d)SLR or prosumer digicam (i.e. Av,tV, M etc). Good pic quality for 3.2 MP. Great value for money. Downsides were the awful mirror like finish surrounding the LCD display (a nightmare during sunny days) and not really pocket friendly (rather bulky I feel).

  • Canon EOS D30. My first digital SLR, a significant step-up from the G3 I was using previously. Loads of features, superb image quality, no shutter lag. I was blown away by the image quality at high ISOs. Sold to facilitate upgrade to a 10D.

Currently Own:

  • Canon EOS 10D. What more can I say...probably the best 'prosumer' dSLR around for its class. Loads of features, solid body, excellent ergonomics and image quality.

  • Canon EOS 30. An excellent film body, now superseded by the 30v. Lightweight and great for travelling. Now used chiefly as my back-up body.

  • Canon IXUS V3. My digital P&S. Small and pocketable, great for fun moments when I don't wish to lug around a heavy dSLR body. Looks great too.

Wish to own:

  • Canon EOS 1D MkII. Described by Phil Askey as the "Ultimate digital SLR...for now..." 8.5 fps, 8.2 megapixels, 40 frame buffer in a weather-sealed, rugged body. 1-series performance and faster AF than the 1D, thanks to the dual processor. Who wouldn't want to own such a mean beast?

used b4:


f60: small, easy no fuss. Af very slow. outgrew it within 4 months

f90x: dont like the peeling back. af is fasetr but still not too fast. noisy shutter. plasticky feel. at least it has vert grip. only 1 af point.

f100: the dream for film camera. better than f5. only dislike: the silly 5 way thumbpad which cramps my poor right thumb


eos 3: very clean layout, very fast AF, very loud shutter . love the 45 point AF thingy and cf-11-2. but plasticy feel

eos 1n: as good as eos 3, the 5 point af still quite good, smoother shutter, feels very solid n indestructible.

g2: :D :cool: :thumbsup:

:: wish list ::

Nikon D70
Nikon D100
Nikon F100

erm.. and maybe a D2H ??

Nikon Fm3a

hahaha... am i a lil too greddy ?? i think so too~ hahah :bsmilie:

i am greddy.. but i will work for it.. i will not ask my parents for $ neither will i borrow from pple.... I WILL WORK FOR IT !!!

but then... i still own my stupid 717 which is used as a guinea pig for my sister... muhahahah :bsmilie:

but if u guys wanna donate to me .. also can ya !! hahahahah =X :p

i wish for a fullframe 1DmkII, aka 1DsMkII. Not out yet, but shouldn't be too long a wait.

used to own:

- pentax P30 slr. used for 4 years till i no time and $ decided to throw it in the storeroom to feed the fungus

- olympus half frame. passed down from parents. saved on film everytime as i can take 72 pics on 1 roll. but sometimes very hard to finish

- minolta compact. passed down from parents also, almost same age as me liao. not really that good but then fixed focusing, fixed aperture and fixed shutter, so no need to think that much. however flash auto-popup everytime it thinks is too dark

currently own:

- D70


- small, cheap, compact nikon slr with pancake lens. no need batt if possible

- trinity

- F5

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