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I've not handled the F80 before, but IMO, in terms of handling/price/performance, the F90x outshines the F100.

Then again I've been using the F90x for ages already.

If price is not a problem... go for the F100...:D

For bargain hunter.... u may go for a used F90x which is better built than the F80.

Firstly, what's your budget like? If no budget get the F100.
If you're working on a budget, get a F80 and if you've got some spare cash lying around, get some good lenses.

Think most photographers upgrade their bodies but not their lenses.

You might consider getting a second hand F100 as well. I'm looking out for one myself. :)

More information can be found at:

or at
and click on "compare cameras"

Too bad only provides side-by-side comparisons on digital cameras and not SLRs.

i think the nikonians body comparison has not been updated. They fail to mention 'VR' compatibility. Not an issue now, but when the 70-200 VR (which I suppose replaces the 80-200AF-S) comes out it will be. I think only the newer bodies are VR compatible.

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Save up for the F100. Meanwhile, use your Dynax 5(?). :)

CK for F100......F80 is too light and i not really happy on it focusing speed (have not try the other 2, so no compare). F90x is quite an old model..the design and the grip not so trendy...

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