C1 RAW Workflow Software v3.5

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Mar 31, 2002
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Finally it updated a new version....
Still waiting for links to be activated.....

Support for:
Canon 1Ds* - 1DMKII* - 1D* - 10D - 300D - D60 - D30
Nikon D1x* - D2h* - D1h* - D100 - D70
FujiFilm S2Pro*
Pentax *istD
Olympus E1 - E10 - E20 coming in june

*supported in C1-SE and C1-PRO versions only

C1 RAW Workflow Software for Canon and Nikon Digital SLRs
Coming end of May: Support for Fuji - Pentax
Coming end of June: Support for Olympus
C1 Raw Workflow Software sets the standard as the most integrated RAW conversion software available. Not just a RAW converter, C1 represents an entire efficient workflow centered around the use of RAW DSLR image files in a professional or advanced environme


fyi, for the benefits of forum members C1 support discusion and support forum

You may also take note that C1 is discontinuing their Rebel version (US$49) of the software and is now pushing the Rebel users to their LE version (US$99). It is pretty good once you get hooked onto it (like me) and end up paying a lot more than you plan for when C1 pushes an upgrade onto you. :eek:

Version 3.5 is expected today, maybe European time. The version you mentioned is for PhaseOne digital backs

just a side qn, how does the digital processing (image quality or otherwise) compare with the different raw processing programs available:


Phtooshop CS Raw support
Phase one Capture one RAW

or even the manufacturer's raw program, e.g. Nikon Capture.

is any superior to the other? if so, in what way?

The conversion engine is different with each software. C1 is still the best in my opinion in developing the colors, etc. In addition, the workflow with C1 makes RAW very intuitive and easy to process and this saves a lot of time and efforts !

I have to agree that the C1 RAW software is simply LEAGUES ahead of Canon's and is very intuitive and easy to use.

The only problem is that its rather expensive... used the downloaded trial software and am now hooked! Haven't tried the latest version yet but if its any better... I'll have to go dig around dry cabinet forl something to sell again to raise money for the software...

I would both agree and disagree.

I would agree that the newest version of C1 should beat the living daylights out of DPP and EOS viewer. I also would be using that for RAW file conversion when it becomes available.

However, the current versions of DPP and EOS viewer is very much like the older versions of C1. The many things that C1 is able to do before, so can DPP and EOS viewer. That is the only part that I would disagree.

planning to try CaptureONE and Phase ONE's CaptureONE on a Mac, with direct capture very soon.... dunno how it will turn out... I dun shoot in RAW usually so.. it's a whole new world to me :)

RAW is pretty amazing. See this post on using a single RAW file to create a blended exposure http://www.mykamera.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=22898#22898

C1 is ahead of the competition no doubt but with Canon's plan to make DPP available for the other EOS digital cameras (10D/300D) I would wait a while to spend US$99 for the LE version unless your needs are immediate (or have some extra money around :) )

freelancer said:
If you had read further down the link, this particular thread referenced would give you some idea of EC=0 (which is off the metering system) and various EC adjustments made to the RAW file http://www.mykamera.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=22888#22888 :) :)

ahh.. cool.. thanks!

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