But feel free to take my dog

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Jan 19, 2002
"No, you cannot take me, but feel free to take my dog", said a pretty lady I met at a park the other day.


... and the dog laughed at me. "Nice try!", said the dog.

"Geez... why put me in a dead center? What happen to the Rule of Thirds?", asked this dog.

Hahaha :bsmilie:

Switch from plan A to plan B or C:

Plan A: "Ask politely"
Plan B: "If denied, hide somewhere take photo tactically"
Plan C: "If discovered, just shoot and run"

Oh ya, remember to bring some bones to divert the dog away from chasing after you. :bsmilie:

Originally posted by quackaroo
rty: did u do retouching is that some POWERFUL lens wif SUPER NICE DOF there? :)

No retouching on the background. I used the 50mm lens set at F1.8. I shouldn't have set it to F1.8 since it gives too narrow DOF . Look at the second photo. At such a narrow DOF, the dog nose is out of the focus area. A failure, actually.

Wah! Great pictures.. esp the laughing dog.. =p The lady said 'take my dog'? Then just take the dog home lar! She give permission wat.. =p

you should have taken the girl first, ask later.

or yeah yeah yeah! support hit-and-run photography!!!


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