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Jul 20, 2004
Hi, I don't know if this works for you guys, but basically im trying to bring out the bustling kinda feeling in the photo. Hence, the over-exposed bit..


I do hope that you guys will give constructive criticisms. thanks!

i guess the idea is there,

i'm sitting on the fence. it's nice and quite aesthetically pleasing, but there're parts of the photo that i like and don't like that i can't really point out..

oh it's a good idea btw.

You are letting your camera deciding the final composition for you, that's what. You had no idea how's its gonna turn out till you see it on the lcd(I guess?).
I just feel it's a little cliched and the message of business isn't brought forward well. I was hoping more faces would show to show that trait.

yeap...agree with both lim and sequitur

but i dunno if there is any message of business in this pict...it's more street art...like you control the camera only with gut feeling...there's no harm in doing this, cos last time i did this before, some will turn out nice...if you want to try this again, try to wire your eye, heart and camera together. It'll WORK. no kidding.

i wanted to show legs moving instead of faces cuz i thought that might bring out the idea of being busy?

thanks alot for your comments guys. :) will try out your suggestions. ^^

I like the overall photo but i find the big leg in the foreground a rather out of place. Most likely it was your focal pt but i think perhaps the photo would be better if the legs were all about the same size(distance from the lens). Just some stuff that struck me. Then again it could turn out worse :confused:

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