Bugis Wall Painters

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Jan 17, 2002
Lalalala here comes the Bugis wall painters!



Camera: Nikon FE-10, 70-210 tamron
Film: Fuji Provia 100

Originally posted by sonix
I like the first one..

The color just looks good.


The sun was setting...sadly the second shot looks jaded...cant help it with ps also (me bad ps user). Altogether i took bout 9 shots of them....hehe.

Hi sbs,

Nice shots. I like the 2nd one as I find that it is more focused and tightly framed. The roof top of the 1st one tend to lead my eyes away from the painter. The shadow of the painter in the 2nd pic also makes it very interesting, but I think leaving slightly more space at the left of the shadow might make it look even better. Anyway it's a very good shot, me is just knit picking cos nothing better to do :D


WOW! Nice shooting! I like the second one especially, cause it looks really like the painter was under a spotlight instead of the sun, and it the whole picture is very clean and feels quite 'arty'...
WELL DONE! :thumbsup:

The first one is good enough for ICI adverts, IMHO.:D

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