Break-in at Alpa Switzerland - beware of blacklisted items on ebay/sale

Here is a post from a website, translated from Google:
The suggestions is, this is an inside job.
The items could already have a buyer, or to cheat insurance company for compensation.

About ALPA has been stolen in fact this is not the first time.

Hamburg, Germany a few years ago, shop equipment stolen at night, who was driving a stolen truck crashed the door reversing direct steal, this many varieties of goods shop equipment, inventory only after ALPA and Lycra looted. Canon Nikon equipment, etc. intact.

Equipment shop in Geneva after a theft, the same is an integrated equipment store, the same loss, only together with Leica Alpa v series Hasselblad camera. Other species intact.

ALPA office in Zurich is stolen, there is strictly speaking not a lot of cargo, more things in Seitz factory warehouse. Thieves stole only two experiments of the lens and body, the other intact, the digital back is not stolen.

It seems that these are under the single buyer to pick up the work of thieves.

ALPA is a workshop, not a modern factory assembly line, only 6 individuals Zurich office work, but no one involved in the manufacture cameras, here is the place to receive guests, at least 10 more Chinese customers have come to this office, there is no security, no security doors, glass and no anti-theft bar, surrounded by so that anyone who installed anti-theft device is very funny, it seems to be considered later.

Arpa embezzlement to cheat the insurance company is not likely.

Loss is certainly not small, but can only delay the delivery of the lens stolen shipments will not affect the operation of ALPA.

And China are the same: to provide clues to help solve the case the police have a reward. Purchase of stolen goods will be held to reclaim the loss of money.










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