Botanic Gardens outing this Saturday (13/7)

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anyone else ?

great ! tomorrow can take a super big group shots !!! :D

Sorry guys due to last minute changes I will not be able to go :(
Hope to join you the next time

Originally posted by Falcon
Count me and Jionglong in.

Must go and witness the battle of D100 vs D60. :D

Oops... I won't be able to go... working until 1pm... :(
No choice... got interviews..

Anyone else have a D100?

Originally posted by azone
Newbies may want to bring some good food and drinks along for mega the insect king. He will teach you all the tricks and magics to take good insect pics.... heeee... :D


Azone not going? :)

Sigh.. thought you might be, so can ask you how to utilize my camera better. :)

wow hehe, what a coincidence our SP Photographers are going there too today (13/7) Hehe. Maybe the 2 groups will meet somewhere in botanic gardens hehe.

I'll be @ botanic gardens. Time to lookout for the CSers :D

saw ya guys today.
impressive stuff ya have there!
I'll be looking for the next outing where I can tag along!

You guys manage to take some shots? Sorry I can;t stay too long this morning, it's windy and rainy, my kid may catch cold easily. next time.

forget to update the outcome ... here it is :)

who actually turned up ?
  1. me
  2. keito
  3. Ziploc
  4. Puffy
  5. tangcy
  6. MaGixShOe
  7. Wolfgang
  8. andre
  9. yeppie99
  10. art2d2
  11. Eugene
  12. Falcon
  13. Jionglong (Falcon's friend)
  14. Simon (came later)

0830 hrs : weather turn bad
0945 hrs : rain started and all of us went to white shelter for shelter
0950 hrs : Falcon and Jionglong went off
1015 hrs : tangcy went off
1045 hrs : rain was getting lighter and all of us went to Tanglin Mall Mac. Chit Chat and took some shots ... see

1230 hrs : Ziploc , art2d2 and Eugene went off and the rest went back to BG to continue take photo
1330 hrs : Simon came
1400 hrs : MaGixShOe went off and the rest continue to take photo
1530 hrs : Photo outing ended

Where are the members shots ?

Wolfgang's shots at

MaGixShOe's shots at

where is the group shot ?
:( due to the rain and some of them went off early .. there is no group shot taken .....

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