Botanic Gardens 25th Jan 02

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Jan 18, 2002
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Went there today for the first time since i was a kid. Must say its really very beautiful.
too bad it rained most of the day...only managed to take a few pics.
critiques pls ;)




Good and rich in the water droplets on the petals make it more interesting. ;)

one qns though...since i'm able to get close up to the flowers quite would the hoya +4 help? i suppose its used more often to shoot insects rather than flowers? coz i like to shoot scenic landscape pics or flowers more rather than insects
so dunno whether to get it or not


I like the third pic! If you could increase the DOF to have the whole flower sharp and clear, dat would have been great! Well done. ;)

U should have waited for one more day like today. I was there today and the weather is much better. I like the first pic the most. The background is kind of distracting for the second one.
Are u a g2 user ?

its okay i juz wanna get a feel of wats it like there... in fact i liked the overcast skies and misty surreal feeling yesterday. Yeap i own a G2. :)

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