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Dec 20, 2002
Planet Nikon
Took a shot yesterday, thus posting it here for critiques and comments.

Image processed in NC, resized, framed and watermarked in PS.

All critiques and comments welcome. :)



50mm :: f/4 :: 1/60s :: ISO200

I know u like brutal honesty so here's my 2 cents

the eyes are blocked and "cut" by the sunglasses and thus very distracting .. and i think that breaks the picture. ;)

here are my objective comments, please read them in the spirit of learning:

1) background - top right hand side, slightly distracting

2) pillar - slanted. its too close to being vertical, yet it is not.

3) exposure - i find it too overexposed. No details on the face, arms/hair merged with background, eyebrow 1/2 gone (unbalanced), nose/lips looks deformed, chin merged with neck. Very 2D/flat. Contrast with the details of the top she's wearing, makes it look like a clothes advertisment add rather than a portrait.

4) Eyes - her right eyewear lense is reflecting some light, obstructing her eye. Also, the top of her eyewear is cutting across her eyes, making her look very unfocused.

5) composition/pose - natural and relaxed

For me, eyes are the most impt thing in a portrait, hence pardon me for being very ngiew on that ;)

Hi Clive, thx for the compliment, :)

Hi Jazer, thx for the feedback, personally found that too, brutality is good, in the right direction ;)

Hi Timber, wow, great to have feedback from the portrait master himself. I do agree with you on the above points, you've brought very valuable highlights on the shots itself, will try harder next time. :) Hope to take a better shot next time.

Thank you all for your critiques & comments. :)

like the over blown highlight. agree the right eye was a little disappointing but hey i did not realised it. Only when pointer out did i see it.

good picture

Too much loss of detail by the overblown hightlights.

The sunglasses and pillar are the cons. Exposure is a personal preference IMO. Might look good to some, nay to others.

Yikes!! It looks really bad on my uncalibrated monitor in office!!!! :eek:

Anyway, thanks Zekai, i should have worn a darker color shirt, think that's my shirt's reflection in the glasses :(

Thanks tmc17479 for your comments, maybe I'll have two versions next time :)

Thanks melvinfoo, guess the sunglass was a big mistake. ;p

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