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Aug 31, 2003
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I know I'm going to sound like an absolute n00bie here, but I went to my printer the other day and found out that they cannot print greyscale prints?? I thought this was the only way to get my digital images to black and white easilly. Is there another way in PS? or any of the Canon utilities you get with the DSLR's?

Dun worry pal...just go to image> adjustments>desaturate and wola! play around with the Levels to get a deeper will get the best results from using all 4 cmyk colours to print b/w...
Hope this helps, have fun! :D

just use ps and convert back to rgb - image will still look grayscale.

yep, just change the image mode back to RGB after discarding the colour information.

1. if you already have a grayscale image, just convert it to rgb - image will look grayscale

2. if you have a color image and want to get rgb grayscale, just remove color. no need to convert to grayscale first.

hope this helps.

Thanks guys, for everything. Especially the private messages. I know I sounded like a total n00b but I guess its better to find out now and swallow my pride. Thanks again, you guys have been a great help, as usual.

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