Beware scammer on Carousell - "ucantseemee"


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Jun 8, 2022
Scammer alert! Zero stars for this scammer only possible! Insisted on phone number & postal code when I already told him the meeting place with exact location & GPS coordinates on Google Map. Transaction did not happen because he also wanted to use HIS OWN payment method. Seller rules, terms & conditions are clearly stated, either follow or go buy elsewhere! Instead left revenge negative review!

Offer/date/day/time agreed & EXACT GPS coordinates @ carpark given for pickup of 20+kg item in Carousell comms. My biz whether u carry on your head? Scammer targets high value items but never intended to deal. Insisted on pointless postal code & phone no. saying another person will contact me. Last message from him was "Ok" but MIA & left -ve feedback! Screenshots on Clubsnap, search"ucantseemee".

1. 2024-01-16 15_51_53-Greenshot.png

2. 2024-01-16 15_52_04-Greenshot.png

3. 2024-01-16 15_52_17-Greenshot.png

3A. 2024-01-16 15_28_24-Greenshot.png

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6. 2024-01-16 15_29_22-Greenshot.png

7. 2024-01-16 15_30_14-Greenshot.png

8. 2024-01-16 15_30_29-Greenshot.png

This fraudulent scammer targeted my highest value item, agreed to my fixed terms for selling with exact cash/date/time/GPS coordinates. However he did not complete deal with excuses that he wanted postal code AND mobile phone number because he didn't want to come in person and wanted me to deal with another person! When I refused he did not even complete the deal. Yet the fool leaves negative feedback? BAN HIM!