Benefits of Live Streaming Videos on Social Media

Feb 3, 2020
While many marketeers can agree that video content is the most appealing method to push out content, many are still not exploiting live streaming. When facebook launched live video streams in 2015 it was an absolute game changer. Events could be broadcasted real time, celebrities could intimately interact with fans all around the world and stronger relationships and trust will be forged with followers.

The key word here is interaction. Your audience for the first time can directly interact with your business, put a face behind the brand and ask any questions they might have and even add to the content of the show.

Live videos, in all its glorious raw imperfection, is ultimately very personal and can be must more believable than a carefully curated product or service video.

Some potentially interesting forms of live videos include:

  • Live Auctions and Sales
  • Sporting Matches
  • Press Events
  • Talk Shows
  • Launch Events
  • Celebrity Meet and Greets

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