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Apr 18, 2007
hi, newbie to photography and very keen on b&w, want to shoot nice photos of portraits, street scene but no idea where to start. can someone point out to me on where to get some basic knlwledge on this topic or courses that i can attend? thanks ahead..

lots of resources on the web, google them
try www.photo.net for starters, good and general read.

for b& w, u shooting dslr or slr? if dslr is easy, just take and strip the colors away.
else, then u got quite a bit to learn. and the best way to is just shoot and learn from mistake.

as for courses, well might or might not be worth, is up to individual.

if you have a digital p&s or a dslr, i would suggest, just as tribalsnake has to go about it digitally, which is convenient and easy on the pockets. i don't really believe in going for paid courses if you're going about it with digital, everything can be learnt through books and especially the internet and of course a good amount of trial and error.

however if you are REALLY interested in using film, and want to get the full experience, you can't stop at just using b/w film and sending it to the lab for development and prints. DIY is the spirit of b/w photography and when you finally get it right, is very rewarding. from releasing the shutter to drying your print in the darkroom, you control the outcome at every step - which is the romance of b/w photography.

wah u just reminded me of days gone by...

eh TS, there's a course conducted by SLCC for b&W, good start.

thanks for ur reply, really keen on learning with dslr, i've got an e500 olympus, would do some research like you said on the net first then post questions if any. thanks again.

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