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Jan 17, 2002
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This section is the best :bsmilie:

3) Are my friends possessed by demonic powers? Their eyes are glowing an evil red!

This is the “redeye” effect; a common problem with the internal flash units built into cameras. It’s caused by the light from the flash unit reflecting off the red blood vessels lining the interior of the eye. The light shines back into the camera, resulting in the famous red glow.

The easiest way to minimize the risk of redeye is to use an external flash unit rather than a built-in flash. The problem is fully explained in the redeye section of this document, as is the related problem of greeneye in cats and dogs.

If, however, your friends’ eyes glow an evil red in real life and not just in your flash photos of them then you’re reading the wrong document and probably should do a Web search on exorcism.

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