Anyone want to mass order Image Tank?

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Jan 26, 2002
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The site say there's bulk discount for MO of 5 sets.

I'm interested. Hope to get it fast by this week so that my friend can bring over for me. Otherwise have to parcel over...... :(

i am interested! any more info on the image tank? btw, is it stable?

Ok. My friend didn't managed to get it for me before he came back for term. Was out of stock he said.

I'm stuck with the HDD he bought so I die die gotta get the Image Tank. I might need to get a friend to mail to me or tompang someone to bring over in due time......

Anyway, anyone still interested?

The retail price is S$259 without the HDD. HDD is cheaper the get separate elsewhere in SLS.

The website mentioned a bulk discount for 5 units and above. I'll try email them for a quotation.

I've not used it myself but I'm taking the bet for the IT over 2*256MB CF for the same price to last me through a 3 month period.

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