Anyone know "photodex" Proshow Gold software?

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May 19, 2004
Can you please PM me.. i need to ask you for some advice :> thank u :bsmilie:

So mean ;(... i need the software lor... :embrass:

think only available online. its a shareware. someone once asked this question b4.

the alternative LEGAL program would be memories-on-tv. a locally developed software. available at challenger superstore for abt $19.90. works the same way as pro-show.

oh really, it also doing the program in Laptop then out put it to projector right? :)

I haven't used Memories-On-TV before so I can't comment on it but with ProShow Gold you can create slides, MPEG files, VCDs, DVDs, executable slideshow files and even autorun CDs that can be freely distributed to friends and customers, complete with audio.

if you just want to show pics without any fancy effects, u can use the picture movie viewer programme in WinXp.

if u want fancy effects, then wat these programmes do is to let u arrange the pics in a storyboard, throw in some sound clips and let the programme auto sync the pics with music. after which, the programme will create a mpeg file which u can burn as a movie file.

Oh ya, that's what i want.. movie style of slide!! :D..

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