Any one want to buy cheap bulk loader (for loading bulk roll film)

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Jan 19, 2002
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the one at CP cost $95 or so.
On they are as cheap as S$33.(US$18)
Anyone interested to buy one?
we may buy togather to lower shipping?
(I'm buying a binocular there)

Found under
Home < Film < Film Accessories < Bulk Film Loaders & Accessories

you can easily get one from john3:16 or photo guide or ruby for $65

well ... the last time went to ruby... they asked for $75 somemore no stock... thats why ended up with the 70$ one at photoguide...

Anyway I think its not worth it to order from US

Thanks for your info.
I was too lazy to shop around other than in CP.

the Cathay one is too ex.... not any better than the AP being sold at ruby or fotoguide...i got mine at 55, told the boss i dont want the catridges...

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