PetaPixel 8 Perfect Gifts for Photographers for the 2021 Holiday Season


Apr 9, 2018
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A woman looking at a camera in a snowy outdoor scene

There’s a lot of technology and terminology involved in photography. So, it’s no wonder that it’s easy to get tripped up when buying presents for photographers. And not just that: There are literally thousands upon thousands of photography products out there. Tyranny of choice, much?

This season, we’ll help you keep it simple! We’ve collected eight perfect holiday gift ideas that will appeal to every shutterbug out there. How about a portable light that’s perfect for both stills and video, or a flash system that can work with practically every camera brand out there? We’ve found a fantastic storage device for photographers that spend lots of time in the field, and even a tool kit to find color inspiration, capture sharp images, and ensure accurate color reproduction both on screen and in print.

Ready to make a photographer happy this holiday season? Keep reading for some seriously great gift ideas!

Everyday Sling by Peak Design

A man wearing a camera pack on his back

If you take your camera with you, you’ll shoot more, period. Peak Design’s award-winning Everyday Sling offers a compact, rugged, and discreet way to bring your kit more places.

A weatherproof, 100% recycled nylon canvas shell protects in all conditions. A clean, modern aesthetic cleverly hides tons of thoughtful features for organizing photo, drone, and everyday gear. To name a few: FlexFold dividers, a tablet sleeve, a quick-adjusting shoulder strap, and external carry straps.

Available in 10, 6, and 3L sizes that cater to a range of camera gear, from a full-frame body with heavy pro glass down to a mirrorless street kit.

FJ Flashes by F.J. Westcott

A photographer does a photo shoot with a diving football player

If you’re new to flash photography or looking to upgrade your flash gear, Westcott has an ecosystem of flashes that make off-camera flash simple, with the most features among all strobe manufacturers. Westcott is the only strobe manufacturer with a universal trigger for all camera systems, they have the fastest recycle times, most full-power flashes, and their ecosystem has consistent color between lights. Pair these features with Westcott’s unmatched U.S. customer service and you’ve got a winning combination. The Ecosystem is led by the flagship FJ400, but they offer other models as well. See all FJ Flashes here.

SLIK VARI-CF 700 Series Carbon Fiber Tripods by SLIK Tripods and Heads

A man in a red jacket holding a tripod

The VARI CF-700 series carbon fiber tripods are 3 tripods in 1. Designed for hybrid shooters that need a single tripod that quickly converts between still and video shooting. The Rapid Column Exchange System is a simple tool-free release mechanism that lets you switch between 3 different center column options.

Carbon fiber center column for quick height adjustment
Video bowl mount for easy horizon adjustments
Flat plate for low angle work and lightweight travel

In a matter of seconds, your VARI CF-700 series tripod can morph between 3 different tripod styles to match your specific shooting need.

SpyderX Create Kit by Datacolor

An assortment of photography color calibration tools

Everything needed to capture color inspiration, ensure color accuracy and sharp images, connect with newer devices, and even add some extra storage space to your work area.

  • SpyderX Pro – SpyderX is Datacolor’s most accurate, fastest (4X), easiest monitor calibrator ever.
  • ColorReader EZ – Scan an object to find its accurate paint color match, Savage Universal background match, precise RGB, Hex and Cie Lab color data for your digital workflow.
  • Spyder Tripod – Stabilize camera for sharp images. Flexible legs, lightweight portability.
  • Spyder Shelf – Provides vertical storage space by attaching to your computer.
  • Spyder USB-C – Adapts USB-A cables to USB-C ports.

You can learn more about these products here.

StellaPro Reflex S by Light & Motion

A flash unit wearing a Santa cap

Introducing the StellaPro Reflex S. This new hybrid light has a powerful continuous mode capable of shaping up to 6,000 lumens on battery power and a whopping 9,000 lumens of light on AC power. Reflex S also offers the groundbreaking ability to seamlessly switch into Digital Burst mode at up to 20FPS in full power (18,000 lumens using 100W power supply) in a compact 1.7lb package, with no misfires, no overheating, no recycle time, and duration control from 5 to 0.5 milliseconds. This lightweight, ultra-portable and weatherproof hybrid light works with a suite of modifiers and adaptors right out of the box.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD V2

An external hard drive in a camera bag next to camera gear

Get fast NVMe solid state performance in a portable, high-capacity drive that’s perfect for creating amazing content or capturing incredible footage. Easily clip the Extreme Portable SSD V2 to your gear bag or backpack with the drive’s handy carabiner loop. Up to 2m drop protection, IP55 rating for water and dust resistance, plus a 5-year limited warranty give you extra peace of mind.

SCURA 6×6 by Dora Goodman Cameras

A black medium format camera

The SCURA 6×6 is a 3D printed pinhole camera that uses 120 film to capture 60x60mm images.

Its unique curved back was designed to ensure that light reaches the film evenly from corner to corner, resulting in beautiful distortion-free photographs. While maintaining the minimalist approach of pinhole photography, the combination of a laser-drilled pinhole plate and a magnet-powered shutter allows for optimal precision and ease of use.

Being tiny and lightweight (only 0.27kg/270g) means that the SCURA is easily transported; put it in your pocket on the way out the door and it will go along anywhere with you. Due to its uncomplicated, but precisely constructed features, this is a camera made for all photographers, from beginners to professionals. Let yourself experience the magic of lensless photography at its best.

Layflat Photo Book by Blurb

A lay flat photography book

Made with ultra-thick Premium Lustre paper, Blurb’s Layflat Photo Books are the perfect showcase for stunning panoramic images. Give each beautiful photo the room it deserves, with freedom to reach, uninterrupted, across expansive double spreads. Each Layflat book comes with up to 110 pages and an ImageWrap, Hard Cover. Start your Layflat gift today!

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