500D+250D with PRO90IS

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Originally posted by mpenza
Great close-up! But could be a bit scary if it were printed big :p

A little bit disgusting too

that's what i called excellent zoom but the eyes are eww... :gbounce: :gbounce:

actually b4 i get my 250D , i was tempated to get it after saw this site ... great super macro shot !!

I have a similar shot. Taken with F707 with Canon 250D + Nikon 6T.

Here is the Photo:


Siao! Mad! Must be.. :rbounce:

wow ! Really impressive !

What is the nikon 6T ? And where to get the Canon 250D/500D ?


wah ! great super macro shots by eaglekoh !!!

can post more of these shots for us to enjoy ? :)

SUper macro shot!!!!! almost a microscopic shot.. :)

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