14th SAFRA Photographer of the Year award


Oct 17, 2008

14th SAFRA Photographer of the Year award.
Organised by SAFRA Photographic Club

Submit your photos according to the theme of the month and stand to win attractive prizes.
Choose 4 photos from any of the 6 month's submitted photos to form a set for the final submission to win the 14th SAFRA Photographer of the Year award.

Submission Link: https://contests.safraphotoclub.com/
For more information: http://www.safraphotoclub.com

For any enquiries, please email to enquiry@safraphotoclub.com

Rules & Regulations

Competition Format:
1. There are two parts to the competition:
a) Monthly theme (‘Theme’)
b) Photographer of the Year Set (‘PTY’)

2. Monthly Theme:
a) A ‘Theme’ is given every month for consecutive six months;
b) Participants can submit in any or all six (6) themes; (maximum of three (3) images for each theme)
c) Images must be relevant to the given theme of the month;
d) Submission deadline for the monthly theme is on 2359hrs of the last day of that month;
e) No more entry is accepted after the submission deadline;
f) Participants are not allowed to add or change their entries;
g) The panel of judges will select the monthly winners based on the merits relevant to the theme.

3. Photography of the Year Set:
a) To qualify for the ‘PTY’ section, participants must submit at least four (4) themes out of the six (6) themes as a set; with a maximum of four (4) sets per participant for submission.
b) Every image from the monthly theme competition can only be selected once for the PTY Set;
c) The panel of judges will select the PTY winners based on the merits of four images as a set, in terms of relevancy to the theme and the harmony of the set.

4. The competition is open to all Singapore citizens and permanent residents.
5. Submission for the monthly theme is done via online at http://pty.safraphotoclub.com. Submission deadline is on 2359hrs of the last day of that month;
6. Submission deadline for the PTY Set is done via email to pty@safraphotoclub.com, Submission deadline is on 2359hrs of 31 January 2019.
7. The hosting website’s database clock will be the official time keeper for this competition. The system will automatically stop accepting entries submission once it reaches the end of the submission period.
8. Entries must be in jpeg/jpg digital format. There is no restriction to the type of cameras used to capture the image. It is the participants’ responsibilities to scan any images in any medium to the digital form.
9. All digital files must be in jpeg or jpg format, not exceeding 5 megabytes (5Mb) in size with EXIF data intact, with the longer side at 3000 pixels.
10. The file names shall be in English only and must not be more than 20 characters.
11. Participants must ensure that their digital images are properly uploaded. Submitted entries can be verified online after submission. No confirmation emails or notices will be issued. If encounter any problem during submission, participant may email competition@safraphotoclub.com for assistance.

General Rules:
12. Internet traffic on the website may be congested nearer the closing hours. Participants are encouraged to submit their entries early. The organizer will not respond to enquiries during the last four hours of submission.
13. Photos that had already won a prize in any national or international competitions, including salons, are not accepted for re-submission for this competition. Participants may write in with proof, if they notice any entries that have violated this rule.
14. The monthly theme’s winning entries can be nominated for the PTY Set again.
15. Only basic image enhancement techniques such as burning, dodging, contrast color corrections are acceptable. Images that undergo digital manipulation, HDR and changes that distort the original state of the scene are not allowed. The organiser may request for the submission of the original/RAW file of any image for verification.
16. All entries must be the original work of the participant who holds the full copyright of the image.
17. Images submitted must not, in the sole and unfettered discretion of the Organizer, contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content.
18. Participants may submit a maximum of three (3) entries in each Monthly Theme, and a maximum of (4) sets in the PTY. Each participant is allowed to win only one prize per monthly theme and one prize in PTY.
19. Personal particulars collected in this competition will be kept managed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Participants who enter into this competition has agreed to release his or her particulars to the Organizer and its working partners including sponsors, for the purpose of identification and contractibility.
20. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondences will be entertained. If there is dispute, the organizer reserves the rights to interpret the rules as it deems most appropriate.
21. By entering into the competition, the participant gives consent to be interviewed by media and/or SAFRA.
22. The organizer, SAFRA and sponsors reserve the rights to exhibit and reproduce, in any medium, on the winning and selected entries from this competition for publicity purposes, without payment of fees to participants.
23. The organizer reserves the rights to amend the prizes, rules and conditions as and when it deems necessary.
24. By participating in this competition, it is deemed that the participant has accepted the stated rules and regulations and judges’ decision. Non-compliance may result in disqualification.

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