1. bestxian

    Rawa Island [Film by Samsung Note 10+]

    Hi everyone, I love videography and travel very much! During this Deepavali holiday, I travelled to Rawa Island, A beautiful place to chill at Johor Bahru. I wasn't carrying any video equipment, so I just using Samsung Note 10+ to take some videos and photos, and I am quite satisfied with the...
  2. B

    Introduction to my YouTube Channel | Travel with VK

    Hello Everyone I am Vignesh. I lived in Singapore for more than 10 years studied in St Andrew's Secondary school. I have now shifted to India and I am a software engineer by profession. I recently visited Singapore after a long time and I have captured some of those moments on my GoPro. I will...
  3. fongwk8

    日本の休日 The Japanese Vacation

    [vid] The film was shot entirely with the Sony A7ii 16-35 mm GM stabilised on the DJI Ronin S. My first attempt using the A7ii and the Ronin S to film. The following places were covered in the clip: 1) Tokyo 2) Kamakura 3) Kawaguchiko 4) Kyoto 5) Nara 6) Miyajima
  4. R

    Travel Landscapes with Fujifilm

    This will be a thread for all my travel shots taken with Fujifilm. Mostly landscapes and cityscapes. I have been travelling for some time and have also sharpen my skills shooting landscapes and editing my photos. Please feel free to ask my any questions about anything regarding shooting or...
  5. terenceleezy

    [terenceleezy] Travels of 2018

    #1 Petra, Jordan 5 nights, 1 cancelled flight ticket, 2 hours on skype with the agent, 1079km drove in a Toyota Corolla and became 3 shades darker. Finally goodbye Jordan, off to Qatar. Here’s one from one of the 7 wonders. The roads of Jordan were ridiculously hard to drive where people...
  6. Keanen Lee

    Which camera should I get?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a camera for me to bring on overseas trips. I currently have a Canon 1300D but i feel that it's a little too bulky and the video quality is a bit lacking. I'm looking for a camera that can do decent photos and good travel videos. I'm leaning more towards mirrorless...
  7. A

    14hours journey to reach Capetown

    Had a chance to visit this beautiful country earlier this year. All photos captured with a D850 using either 20mm F1.8 prime, 24-70mm F2.8, or 300mm F4. My first time experiencing wind blowing as strong as 40kmh here. Beautiful views from one of the cliff. The misty Lighthouse, Capepoint...