photo contest

  1. N

    "Singapore, My Home" photo contest

    What does Singapore as our home mean to you? Is it our iconic architecture, multi-cultural community, or our reputation as a green city oasis that speaks to you most? Showcase your best images of what Singapore as our home means to you. Winners will be judged on aesthetics, creativity and...
  2. P

    Co-op Hot Shots 8 Photography Competition

    [THEME: MAKE THE DIFFERENCE] The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. But it has also shown us how the spirit of mutual help and togetherness can make the difference to others. How are you or your community making the difference and creating a positive impact? Share your...
  3. ortega

    ClubSNAP Photo Contest - Falling in Love with Woodlands

    14 Feb 2021 - Singapore This Valentine’s Day, we are launching a photo contest aimed at capturing Singapore’s changing northern landscape. How have you witnessed the changes around Woodlands? Did you know that Woodlands Regional Centre is poised to take her place as the largest economic hub in...