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  • awe.... man.. u closed my thread.. because i used the word survey i will changed it to poll. i really apologies for that.. can u reopen my thread. its really urgent because its for my photography research in school for personal use(my school homework) at the same time its educating me ... =(
    Hi Ortega, Just wondering if it's possible to change the title of a recent thread i posted, since its contains some information for photographers and models alike..

    Thanks in advance for replying..

    Hey mod, I want to report calebk. I think I'm trying to help but I think he has a problem with me.

    Thread title is "How to get permission to shoot in keppel bay?"
    Hi Ortega,

    Saw the the thread about Joe Thief - whats the update. really interesting how the whole drama turning. Personally i think joe need to be legally prosecute for cheating and stealing.

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