1. yellowsparks

    Drone Pilot License

    hi all im looking to fly a drone. but im keen in getting a license to fly it legally be in places where i need to apply a permit. so whats the procedure here? do i go straight to CAAS? or somewhere else to get my drone pilot license. its all very confusing right now. can anyone shed some...
  2. Artemis Technologies

    Aerial Photography & Videography for Real Estate | Interior

    We are a professional drone service company and CAAS certified drone operator Our website: We specialized in real estate & interior photography/videography Contact me @ 94882926 or Email:
  3. fongwk8

    日本の休日 The Japanese Vacation

    [vid] The film was shot entirely with the Sony A7ii 16-35 mm GM stabilised on the DJI Ronin S. My first attempt using the A7ii and the Ronin S to film. The following places were covered in the clip: 1) Tokyo 2) Kamakura 3) Kawaguchiko 4) Kyoto 5) Nara 6) Miyajima
  4. Artemis Technologies

    Drone Photography/Videography with an AFFORDABLE rate!

    Our services range from aerial photography/videography to on the ground media coverage. Our company can produce footages that add exciting dimension and a unique perspective for you to pitch your sales to the clients. We are also CAAS certified drone operator. With drone shots, you can also...
  5. prakan

    WTSell: Video Cameras - Other DJI OSMO PLUS

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Video Cameras Brand: Other Short Description: DJI OSMO PLUS Price (S$): 750$ Condition of Item(s): Mint Detailed Description: DJI Osmo plus bought two months ago used only twice, comes with one extra battery and 1 set of ND filters...
  6. muhdriduwanmarvele

    WTSell: Video Cameras - Other Dji Phantom 3 Pro Drone

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Video Cameras Brand: Other Short Description: Dji Phantom 3 Pro Drone Price (S$): 750 Condition of Item(s): 8 Detailed Description: Still in good condition. 8/10. Includes: 1 Remote 1 Drone 8 Propellors 3 Original Intelligent Phantom 3...