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  • Hello Scandal599, thanks for your compliment. I have a shoot organized by an anthorized person in ClubSNAP. You can check it out at the Photoshoot sub-forum titled "Be My Valentine..." organized by AhV.

    If the shoot commences, I will be there to give a few pointers to newbies as well. Hope to see you there. :)
    Hi zeckson,

    Your works are fantastic and have gained much insight in the way you shoot. Really looking to learn from someone while I understand that you do not take in students, will you be able to say organise small group for a phototaking session? Maybe say for about 6-7 people to learn? As it is I am sure many are interested to learn from you.
    Thanks for your compliment, Blurry80, I don't take students but I can give a few pointers. I don't think I am good enough to mentor anybody. What would you like to know? :)
    Hello. No, it is not in Singapore. I am located in Bangkok, Thailand. Jean's shoot was done in one of the many old houses here in Bangkok.
    hi. i really like the background of your shoot. i do hope it's you don't mind to share the location of this place (if it is in singapore)...thanks
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