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  • Hello members,

    good morning. I am actually not a new member though the heading highlights as such. I have visited this site so many times in the past. anyway. about myself . I am a professional photographer working on freelance from home. My details are in my blog. Over the years I have done may high profile events and functions except weddings. I learnt my photography skills from scratch all by myself. I took my first camera at 10 and today at 50+ I am still not in a position to lay down my camera. Many of the contacts I receive is through recommendations from customers or friends. I use facebook to communicate,chat with friends,and build my customers. what I write here is only a short statement. Details and photos you can find in my blog. I write this in the hope that some of you will find my services beneficial for your needs and communicate your needs with me. I receive many contacts from my ads online only 10% is genuine. I perform photography as a career to support my family. My second income. My full time job is not paying well. At todays cost of living it is difficult to survive on a single income. so that's abt myself. you can contact me anytime by hp or email. I am available for photography service every weekend.

    take care and have a nice day.
    Om Shanthi
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