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  • Hi Hamzee

    I'm shopping for a new LCD. Initially, I thought about the LG L2000CP, which I was impressed with at the showroom. However, I now felt that a wide screen display will enhance my productivity, especially for Photoshop, Graphic kind of work. I'm now looking at 24 inch monitors.

    With your experience, would you strongly recommend Dell 2408 FPW?
    My main concerns are, quality control, sample consistency from Dell.
    I'm using Spyder 3 Elite, do you think this monitor can deliver good results after calibration with Spyder 3 elite?

    Is the LG L2000CP is a better choice, or the Dell 2408 FPW? I really find both competitive in their own ways. One is an IPS, while the other offers a productive widescreen, though it is a S-PVA.

    By the way, what was your reason for 'dropping' the Samsung 245T which is only about $100 more than your Dell?

    I look forward to your counsel.
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