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  • hi there bro,check with you,need your help on the lens cleaning..i msg u a few times..duno if the msg got to u.i did msg u before the new year..told me you would be back in jan 2...thanks bro...

    Would be waiting for you to come back from overseas.

    how long would it take to get the lens cleaned?
    Since you are coming back on the 2nd, is it possible to get it done by 11th jan or 17th jan as there will be an event on those two days which i need to use the lens :)

    Thanks for providing your professional services to CS-ers :)

    Hello, i am ok with the price, please put me in your waiting list :) i know a lot of pple are awaiting your service :)
    Hi, I have a flexaret and a minolta srt101 that i would like to be check through and maybe cleaning. The flexaret doesnt seem to be working properly, and i am not sure why. The minolta probably needs some cleaning and the light meter doesnt seem to be working, i'm not sure if its because of the battery i use or if its spoilt. Let me know if you can help me with it.
    Hello, am interested in getting my 18-70mm d70s kit lens cleaned.
    How much are your charges and the conditions of your service??
    Hi. I got a Canon Kit Lens 18mm-55mm with fungus. Small spot, around 0.5cm across. Sms me 97555623 for price? Thanks.
    I have a Nikon FG film camera. Apparently the shutter is spoiled, May I know if it is possible for you to fix? Would like to know the cost as well. Thank you very much. Have a great day


    I've got a Minolta x-370s that requires cleaning on the shutter curtain and possibly the mirror. Would you be able to help out? Still waiting patiently for your reply. If you are able to assist, PM me and we will work out the contact details and payment in the next reply. Thanks.
    hi sir,,

    i need your help got 1 lens with some fungus, pls. sms me (96884454)
    on how to meet you up and pricing,, thanks
    sooo many pple recommend me to ask u for help...
    i have a nikon fg that needs cleaning on the focus screen and lens 50mm 1.8f...can help me?may i know how much...
    thank you..
    Hi, I've got a Minolta x-370s that requires cleaning on the shutter curtain and possibly the mirror. Would you be able to help out? Thanks.
    Hi fatigue,

    My friend need to buy a lens opening tool for their industrial machine and Chee Wei as referred me to you. Hope you are able to help/advise.


    Teo --96660672
    Hi Bro fatigue,

    I got this problem with my D40 cam. With a 18-70 lens, working fine. But when I mount a 85mmF1.8, there is an error message asking me to turn the aperture ring to the smallest aperture (biggest F number). After doing that, still got problem. Tried a 28-80G lens, no problem. Looks like it's OK with G lens, but not D lens. Do you think you can help. Also, noticed that when I mounted the 85mm lens, felt a greater resistance to arrive at the locking click.
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