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“Big Lights from Small Mods” Workshop & Demonstration

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Flashes come in all powers, shapes and sizes, and the flowering of flash technology has matured into a myriad of products – that offers expanding possibilities.
This is a workshop introducing the photographer to a range of light shaping tools and explores possibilities on how to get the most versatility and range from the tools that are available, no matter if they are big and small.




Richard Chen (ClubSNAP - boombox), our workshop maestro, has been working with Lights, from small to big: spanning Flashes, LEDs, Tungstens & HMIs, from Portraits, Fashion, Commercial, Products to Music Videos, Mini Series and Feature Films.

Richard Chen.jpg

A resident photographer at Cool Cheese Studios, Richard has also worked on video and motion picture productions as a Set Photographer, a Gaffer, Director of Photography. His clientele includes Philips, Pernod Ricard, Britvic Plc...

Finding Beauty in the Mundane - by Stefan Tan

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Solo Fine Art Prints Exibition by Stefan Tan.

Printer by Print Master James Tan

Fine Arts Printing with Canon imagePROGRAF PRao-500 on Pro Platinum Paper.

Stefan Tan (ClubSNAP - SomeFormOFhum) will share with you his works & techniques, which take the viewer into worlds far beyond normal photography.

Stefan has been documenting and shooting unique places in Singapore since 2011. He believes beauty exists in the mundane.

Capture & Create Timeless Memories
Printing your images increases your perceived value as a photographer.
Everyone has digital files sitting on hard drives or memory cards.
To offer a beautifully finished printed piece shows that you care about your photography and that you put effort into the presentation of your imagery for your clients.

Canon PIXMA Pro expands the color gamut with improved...

Creating Beautiful Images - by Stefan Tan

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High Dynamic Range photography is the process of taking several pictures of a scene at various exposures, then merging them into one file.
So the entire photo can look crisp and detailed, from highlights to midtones to shadows and photographers needn’t sacrifice any part of their image.
Experiment with landscapes, cityscapes, interior shots, black-and-white, nighttime photos, and more.

Stefan Tan (ClubSNAP - SomeFormOFhum) will share with you his works & techniques, which take the viewer into worlds far beyond normal photography.
Stefan has been documenting and shooting unique places in Singapore since 2011. He believes beauty exists in the mundane.

Print Master - James Tan will provide guides and tips on creating all this images into Fine Art Prints.

Limited to 50 pax only.
Saturday, 12th May 2018 @ Funan...

Sony's Wedding Photography Festival

Building a Photography Business - by Hart Tan

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Tomato Photo is a boutique studio featuring the work of award-winning master photographer, Hart Tan.
The studio offers personalised photo sessions for clients who prefer images that are fun, relaxed and Prints that reflect connection between family members.

If you thought what you were doing with photography marketing is advanced and working well, I think you'll be delighted to hear what Hart is doing in his business and about his success.

Limited to 50 pax only.
Saturday, 14th April 2018 @ Funan Showsuite Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
* Event is also open to Friends of Funan. Simply follow @FunanSG on FB / IG to be one.

Some of the topics will include:
● 10 years Journey Building Business from 0 to 7 figures
● From 1 photographer business to over 10 people team
● Marketing for sales and selling online
● 99% Purchase Printed...

The Simplicity of Water with Alex Ortega

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Photo Lab: The Simplicity of Water with Alex Ortega

Friday, 23 March
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Apple Orchard Road

Join Singapore-based photographer Alex Ortega, and explore how to capture and edit unique waterscapes with iPhone. In celebration of World Water Day, he’ll share his creative process for framing the simple, elegant things in life. Then he’ll show you how to get hands-on editing your own photos of a puddle, an ocean, or anything in between. Bring an iPhone and a few images with water elements.

270 Orchard Road Singapore 238857

A Primer to Widefield Astrophotography with Olympus M4/3 - by Ivan Bok

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A Primer to Widefield Astrophotography with Olympus M4/3 - by Ivan Bok
Harnessing the power of modern day digital sensors

File Name: Carina Nebula (Telescope Shot)
Details: Shot from Toa Payoh, Singapore.
Total exposure (cumulative over several nights 3.5 hours
Each single exposure is 5 minutes long Photographed through a telescope at 450mm focal length, f/5.3 2.)

File Name: Star Trails 1 (OMD)
Shot with Olympus OMD EM10 from Mersing, Malaysia
Cumulative exposure of about 30 minutes using livecomp

File Name: Star Trails 1 (OMD)
Shot with Olympus OMD...

Color Management for Digital Photography

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Color Management for Digital Photography

Ever troubled when transferring a digital image from camera to display device to printer? If yes, the saving grace would be color management in digital post processing. Color management is not always complicated if you know how to manage the color on different production devices, including digital camera, monitor, printers, and proofers. Using Adobe Lightroom, this Workshop will share insights to revealing the hidden beauty of your images and produce color accurate to what you shoot, see and print.

During this Workshop, you will get the chance to experience BenQ full range SW-series RGB Monitors for Photographers, which feature 99% of Adobe RGB color space and take professional imaging to new heights, fulfilling the...

Ricoh Theta VR/360 Timelapes & Video Workshop

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Ricoh Theta VR/360 Timelapes & Video Workshop - Sponsored by APD

Learn secrets to creating awesome 360 Timelapes & Videos from Aram Pan (Plus 720 ), one of the most popular and recognized Photographer & Videographers in the Singapore 360 industry.

Aram is going to present a half-day workshop in Funan Showsuite on 25th November 2017. The goal of the workshops is to teach techniques in using 360-degree video cameras, and then attendees will create a 360-degree video in groups that is ready to post on Facebook and YouTube. Attendees will be able to use Ricoh Theta SC & V etc.

Aram Pan -
Aram Pan is a Singapore based virtual tour photographer since 2003. He went into full...

Olympus F1.2 New Product Hands-On & Model Shoot

A Tale of Passion - Story of a Photographer

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A Tale of Passion - Story of a Photographer

Life is fleeting, but photographs give us just enough slices of time, just so that our imagination fills in the story.

A Photograph becomes important to its viewer only through its physical embodiment, the Print. A print will always be the most realistic representation of an image as it is the only medium that is truly tangible and actual.

This will ultimately be the best way to judge your work as an image isn’t truly finished until it’s in printed form.

The process itself of creating a print will help you grow as a photographer because it gives you a greater appreciation for the bigger picture.

At the same time, the exercise of getting in close, fine-tuning and perfecting an image for print will show you a lot about your work that you may otherwise have missed if you were just putting together a quick online...

Profoto A1 - Meet the Worlds Smallest Studio Flash

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Srishti Enterprise Pte Ltd and Profoto invites you to the launch of the Profoto A1, the worlds smallest studio flash.

Be amount the first in Singapore to have a go at the A1 and discover a new world of light shaping possibilities.

Find out what the round flash head is capable of, and be amazed by the ease of use of the A1. Understand why youll never miss a shot, and how the A1 works seamlessly with other Profoto lights.

Profoto Ambassador Geoff Ang will tell you how the A1 fits into his professional workflow, while fashion/lifestyle photographer Shavonne Wong will share her experiences of using the A1 for her work.

RSVP by 1st October 2017.

Date: 5th October 2017...

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