WTS: Lens - Canon EFS18-55IS, EFS55-250IS, EFS17-55

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May 19, 2008
Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: EFS18-55IS, EFS55-250IS, EFS17-55
Price (S$): See below
1) EFS 18-55IS
- BNP S$210 (with UV filter), S$200 (without filter)
- local set as kit lens from MS color, 1+ month old
- sharp copy, in very good condition, filter on from day1, in dry cabinet when not in use.
- If EFS17-55 was sold first, will remove it from selling list.

2) EFS 55-250IS
- BNP: S$310
- local set, 1+ month old, full box, with warranty card unfilled yet
- in very good condition, never used outside my house except the day i bought it
- Will consider to trade with EF80 f1.8

3) EFS17-55IS USM
- S$1270 fixed!
- Get from local MO/MS just 1 day ago, international warranty
- condition: mint! only did a few test shot today, everything perfect!
- Put on sale because both my 17-55 & 18-55 shows very lovely results ,leave me undecided.
- Will keep this and let 18-55 go if both BNP are met. Price is fixed, won't let go below it.

4) EFS18-55 & EFS55-250 combo
- BNP: S$500 (with 1x UV filter & 2x lens cap holder)
- trade with EF80f1.8 (or other prime lens >> 50mm~135mm)

Real Name: hude272
Contact Number: 94572613

Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 10
Warranty Status: 12+ mths

UV filter (optional)

Additional Comments:
trade at *Eunos

Upz ...

Thx for interest, but that's too low for 1 mth old lens... looking for 300 n above.
Alos welcome for trading with mid-long range prime lens...:thumbsup:

55-250 for 230

bump for the night!!:)

Some are asking me for 17-55 lens. Let me repeat, this lens is like brand new one just received last weekend, so please don't bid like it was used few monthes. Get a few offers but too low for a mint EFS17-55 IS, which is out of box only once for testing---not even a single hair or dirt (literally) can be found on the glass or the body. It is still in my dry cabinet inside its own box.

Now I would reduce the BNP for my above lens as follows:
1) efs18-55: new BNP=S$190
2) efs55-250: new BNP=S$290
3) Both lens1)&2): S$460 (open for trade)
4) efs17-55: will consider only above S$1250 (provided 18-55 was not sold yet, before that I will always keep them in cabinet)

Thanks for viewing. Now keep the offer coming!!

bump up before lunch!!!:)


(Finally, can update.....)

55-250 was sold

Let me know if you still interested in 18-55is & 17-55is ...

1) 17-55 not available anymore. Contact me if you are interested in 18-55is (S190 for both lens & hoya filter)
2) will close the thread if 18-55 was sold, no more update

Thks for viewing!

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