What is your walk around lens?

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For me, either 17-40 or 24-70.

For me, it is 24-70mm.

For me tried using 70-200... cannot hahaha too bulky & heavy... ended up using either 50mm prime or 17-85mm

Usually 17-40L
Sometimes 18-55 IS when I want it light
Sometimes 10-22 when I want it wide
Sometimes 24-85 when I want it a bit longer

just gotten a 17-55 for my 40D after gathering much info on this lens... have not had a chance to use it though... waiting for my filter to be flown baq from hk.. keke

Tamron 17-50.

50mm f/1.8II when I have the want-to-shoot-only-with-prime-lens feeling.

EF 28-135mm - nice focal length range for street photography IMO.

Looking towards getting a Sigma 30mm and EF 85mm to complement my 50mm when I feel like shooting prime.

24-105 on full frame.
17-85 on crop.

Definitely my 50mm f/1.8II
Since I usually only bring this lens and one other zoom lens (a wide or a tele, depends on where I'm going).

Will I be the only one that says 35L? It's a great focal length on 1.3 crop for me, approximating 50mm on FF, just slightly wider?

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