What is SEED?

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Adam Goi

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Hi to all.

SEED stands for Shop for Equipment and Expendables Day!

For the benefit of those who are new here...the SEED which we organise has a frequency of once every fortnight, so as to go easy on our pockets ;)

I'd also like to clear up certain misconceptions that we can get 'discounts' on SEED. SEED is not only a day when we buy, check up and mingle with like-minded people. More importantly, the outcome is to help you to make more informed purchases, if they happen. Surely you don't want to spend your hard-earned moola on something which you may not need or that you'll only get to use once or twice!

I'm quite certain that some of the guys and gals do organise smaller-scaled SEEDs...come on, just post them here;)

In short, we are generally very friendly people! :D

More update:

An attempt has been made to revive SEED.

Now it goes by the name of SEED Version 2 (V2 for short).

How long it can be sustained I guess it's very much dependent on the demand ...

Hope to see you around! :cool:

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