Update filmware for lenses


Aug 7, 2008
Hi to all, been out of photography for many years. recently just inherited an EOS M and an EOS R with lenses from my son as he is switching system. I already updated the camera filmware thanks to the instructions I found here. But I realize that the lens also have filmware. Do I need to update the lenses filmware too? Not really familiar with this filmware thing. Thanks.


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
There are two schools of thought: A) Don't fix something that isn't broken; and B) Update as soon as available.
A) is the old school thinking about stable systems, it has its merits. B) rather comes from IT perspective where updates are generally recommended to be applied soonest, unless there are good reasons or workarounds available. Cameras have slowly become IT equipment, so it's good to apply this approach. Also, release notes might not be complete. Hidden fixes could address issues that have not become public, yet.
You can read the release notes of the firmware to see whether it addresses issues that would/could apply to your situation and equipment. If it does, then the answer is clear. If there is no urgent need, then take your time but don't forget it.

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