Trip to Southern Ridges

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Sep 5, 2005
Hi ClubSnap Family,
First time posting here. Nervous de...

Have been "lurking" around this forum for loooong time and finally decided to go out and shoot. Whats the point in having an interest but not doing anything right??

Rented a Canon 450D with 17 -85 IS I think..
Recently purchased a Sony A200 kit... yet to shoot proper..

I am trying to shoot more and hope to improve

Here goes:

1.Alexandra Arch

2. Alexandra Buidling, NOL, PSA.... The buiding in the right is where I work

3. HDB

4. Stairs that I didnt climb

9. Sunset
Was not able to try further shots as there were too many people walking about

10. Macro???


11. Vivocity


Thanks for your comments.

Anyone having trouble viewing my images?

I was able to see when I posted. Now only 1 image is displayed. Hmmm

can't view, unless copy and paste image address on new window. Which mean the website you linked may not hotlinkable, you may try CS gallery, photobucket or flickr site for hotlink image.

Hi there,
I took the liberty of using the link you posted for #8 and am able to view the image. You can follow along these lines for the rest of the images...

Click on the Insert Image icon of your message (the 3rd icon from the right). Paste the address of the .jpg file (without the "?imgmax=640" text) when you are prompted to enter the URL of the image.

Hope this helps.


can view but quite blur the pics

if can pls ps your photo.;)

Hi, looking at the size of your photos, I suspect your jpegs are too highly compressed. With too much details being lost, it results in rather blurred and pixelated photos.
So after you've done some processing, try saving them at a higher quality level?

Continue posting :) We're all learning.

ur pics all quite soft... handshake?:)

Hi redoxsim,
thanks will do some ps on the orginal file and save as suggested.

Hi sunboi80,
I believe mix of both handshake and compression. Now I must learn holding technique too.

Hmmm... the more I look at my own photos the more I feel it is bad. I can be my own critique :)

Give me few more weeks. I will be back! Hopefully with better attempts than these;)

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