To caption or not to caption?

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Jan 17, 2002
welcome to the flamable topic.

Should photographers (not news/magazine), caption their photos?

I feel after learning this from the professionals that most of time, they do not caption their photos, but leave the interpretation to the individual him/herself.

This is because I believe it takes away the artistic value and the meaning behind when the photographer choose to say how he interprets it. Unless of cos asked, i think he/she should remain silent.

I treat photographs like art pieces. Remember film photos, you put them into an album and let others see. No caption, no running commentary. The album gets passed around, and suddently one of your friends say, hey! nice shot! Notice how he interprets the photo his *own* way, that way you can judge whether the photo you had taken, was understooded by the way you took it.

I kinda feel that we (including myself) here, overcaptionised and tell a looong story about that photo, unless it has some sentimental value, i think there should be no caption?

Its abit hard cos we have to set topic for subject, but nevertheless.. what do you guys think?

Of cos if you want to make something seem humourous out of pure humour, captions to me are ok. Take for example this thread (oh no im using streetshooter's photos as an example again)....

Urban Landscapes

Would captioning destroy the "Beauty" of each photo? (this is just an example)

What do you guys/girls/females/potential flamers think? :rbounce:

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