Those Getting A10/A20.. Plz Wait...... Introduce A30/A40

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Feb 4, 2002
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The new PowerShot A40 and A30 cameras are designed to provide users of digital cameras with easy and enhanced functionality by offering high image quality, advanced features with comfortable operation, and easy to use software for greater enjoyment.

Aside from the difference in their CCD sensors (A40 is 2.0 MP/ A30 is 1.2MP), the cameras include several new features not found on previous mid-range PowerShot camera models including a 3-point AiAF system with single-point center focus and focus lock; a wider shutter speed range of 15 seconds to 1/1500 second; Evaluative and Spot Metering; ISO ranges including 50/100/200/400 and Auto; Movie mode (with sound on the A40); Photo Effect mode; 2x-10x enlarged playback function with scrolling; and Direct Print capabilities with Canon's new CP-100 printer as well as the current CP-10.

The PowerShot A40 and A30 cameras are equipped with a 5.4-16.2mm f/2.8-4.8 (equivalent to 35-105mm in 35mm format) 3x zoom lens which is ideal for a wide range of picture-taking situations from landscapes to portraits. The all-glass lens is designed using 9 elements in 7 groups, including one highly-refractive, glass-molded aspherical element. The aspherical element effectively suppresses distortion and provides high resolution.

The PowerShot A40 and A30 are powered by four AA-size batteries which are relatively inexpensive and much more readily available when compared to other batteries, making their replacement more economical and convenient.

Waterproof Case WP-DC200s is expected to be a popular optional accessory for the PowerShot A40 and A30, with a depth rating of 100 ft. for scuba diving. The WP-DC200s is also an excellent choice for photographing outdoor sports such as snow skiing, water skiing, and whitewater rafting. Other A40/A30 accessories include Wide Converter WC-DC52, 52mm Close-up Lens 250D, the new Tele-Converter TC-DC52, and Lens Conversion Adapter LA-DC52B which is used to mount these supplementary lenses to the cameras with a sturdy bayonet fitting.

Originally posted by Snowcrash
hope that it will arrive at our shore soon!!!:gbounce:

hahaz... emailed Canon Singapore to ask abt the official launch of the A30/A40 over here and the suggested retail price... here's the reply....

"These 2 models are tentatively make available in May 2002. As the movement of pricing and technology of digital cameras are determined by the market condition, hence are unable to advise the availability & pricing for these 2 models at this point."

hahaz.. sighz.. another long wait of 2 mths... bleahz... ;p

Wif the intro of A30/40 Canon is trying to dominate the consumer mkt again! :D

Originally posted by Jayan
Wif the intro of A30/40 Canon is trying to dominate the consumer mkt again! :D

sighz... wunder why it alwaes take so long fer stuff to reach singapore... juz checked out the canon hongkong website... stocks fer the A40 wld reach them in mid march and they are already accepting advance order online... btw, the price seems pretty reasonable... HK$2480, which is abt S$580... hahaz... i'm sure we can get a betta deal frm AP or CP larz... bwahahaz...

aniwaez, not sure if they accept overseas orders, those reelli desperate fer it can try out this website - :bsmilie:

Originally posted by mpenza
at that price, they would be hot items!!!

Total agreee...wif arms and legs up!!! :D

Maybe I'll get one as my travel DC...the C-2100UZ may not be convenient in some places...the size makes it very conspicuous to some preying eyes.

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