TFCD rates?

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Feb 6, 2008
Hi guys,

i'm new to Sing...used to do free-lance modelling back at home some time ago (mostly events)...since i came to Singapore i was offered to participate in commercial photoshoots and events as a model...i wld like to update my portfolio pics...i hv received some offers for TFCD shots..since i'm new here could you pls update me:
-what are the current rates (how much do the photographer pay) for TFCD shots (lingerie/casual pics)? My physical stats:35'-23'-35', height 5'8, i have quiet exotic face (eastern european..mixed origins)
-do i need legally bound to any contarct with photographer? i mean:how is he going to use my pics? I'm not familiar with the local rules on that...

thks a bunch:cheergal:

#1, TFCD, you pay the photographer your time, he give you a CD, in short: you posed for free, anyway, you have no obligation to accept TFCD if you think not worth you time to do so.

#2, Yes, it is better to have it in black and white, else your photos will end up in some places you least want to see.

Eastern look:lovegrin:

tfcd purely is a shoot between you and the photographer with no monetary involvement between both parties, for like makeup etc, both should share too.

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