Question about my new Panasonic DMC-FX35

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Jul 3, 2008

I have recently purchased an Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35 and I have a question regarding the USB connection on my camera.

When I have my 2Gb SD or 8Gb SDHC card in my camera, the camera has no problems reading and writing to the card, however, when I connect the camera to my USB port on my computer (Windows XP SP3), I am able to read files from the card, however I cannot write or delete files on my computer. It gives me a message saying it is write protected (The switch on the SD card is in the un-lock position).

I took the camera back to the shop and they tested it with various different SD cards, with no joy, and finally they called Panasonic Technical Support, and were told that this was a "feature" on newer Lumix camera's??

Can anyone confirm that they also cannot write to the SD card via the USB connection?



i guess it is common and fair for them not to include this feature.

benefit may be - cleaner and easier for cam to read file, so that the cam can concentrate on what it is suppose to do :)

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