Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC5

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Jan 17, 2002
Steves-Digicams has just posted a first look review of Panasonic's four megapixel DMC-LC5. When announced this camera (along with the DMC-F7) marked a significant shift for Panasonic's digital line which was previously just the three megapixel 'iPalm' (which didn't do well). This new camera was designed in collaboration with Leica (indeed as far as we know Leica's Digilux 1 is simple a re-moulded DMC-LC5).


I find the MEGABURST recording to be one of the strong points :) From the review:

To capture sudden events as they unfold, Panasonic wanted to develop a fast, responsive digital camera that could take consecutive pictures nearly as quickly as a motor-driven film camera. The new MEGA BURST™ recording feature, a Panasonic exclusive, combines four frames per second with undiminished quality from frame to frame. Users can shoot up to a maximum of eight frames (depending on image quality setting) and the last frame will be just as clear and crisp as the first. This is achieved thanks to Panasonic's new High Speed Multitasking Image Processing technique, which replaces traditional serial signal processing methods with a more advanced parallel processing technique.

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