Oh ****. My camera got into an accident!

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Jun 15, 2008
HELP! I was walking home today carrying my camera case then I don't know why and how but the case just slipped off my shoulder and it hit the ground. I'm using a D80 by the way and I have a UV Guard for it and the UV Guard is totally shattered. The kit lens appearantly doesn't suffer any damage but when i try to take some photos... i can't auto focus. Then I realised it has a black dot like mystically. I can't seem to get it off.

I can't use auto-focus now and have to do it manually. I like to know how much will it cost to repair my lens or how can I be able to fix it? I need some serious help.

by the way... the black dot is no more but I just found out a worse damage. one of then glass piece inside my lens is actually broken!

if thats a kit lens and is affordable to you, get a used one and save the problem fixing. it aint cheap to fix from the way you describe it.

Once my friend sent his system for checks and the kit lens was discovered somewhat spoiled (he didnt even know as it worked fine still). The service centre quoted him over 100 (i think $130 or so) for the repair. He called me and i told him to pull off the deal as a used kit lens was running at about $60 used. He met a bad service advisor (a young part time girl) who gave the wrong advise.

So, know your costing and figure from there.

if the problem is only on the kit lens and it is affordable to u, then save it from servicing... use the money to buy another better lens (good reason to buy a better lens)... or get it from B&S for a used lens replacement. I think this is more cost saving...

I would suggest you go try some other lenses just to make sure that the damage you suffered is confined to your kit lens. Take a few shots and view them on your pc.

Check the lens carefully. It may not be a broken glass.
Each glass of this lens is mounted in plastic.
So the plastic absorbs the impact.
Most of the time, it's the aperture blades gets disassembled inside.

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