Nikon D70 user, come in

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Everybody will get bags according to what they need and what they like... it won't be useful if you just ask like that.

A bag that can keep what you need is a good bag. What I like may not be what you like.

a question like that wont help you dude. what lens you using? and what acessories do you use? anything from lowepro, crumpler which fits your gear will be a good bag. cheers.

err... if u think ur wallet is thick with lotsa cash in it.. maybe u can get Billingham? :D good stuffs.. but too bad i no $$... :sweat:


Billingham's overkill, a normal lowepro reporter or mini trekker will do just fine.

Was looking for a camera bag today..heart sank when saw the price of the mini trekker aw

CP - $290
John - $145

But why such a price differences for the same brand and model?

That's because you never ask CP for the price. Go ahead, try it tomorrow. You'll get the price J316 is offering, if not, lesser.

get a lowepro sling bag type good enuf liao... i'm using a Nova 3 AW myself.. ;) even a slightly bigger one won't cost u anything more than $120.


i get Lowepro stealth reporter 400AW at $150 (if i am not wrong) from CP,

can put in lotsa thing.

D70 + kit lens
50m f1.8
80-200m f2.8
2x TC
ex tube
also can put my IBM X22 (but unprotected from shock ;p )
still have lot more space but carry for long time my shoulder gona break

Not open for further replies.