Need 20 x amateur photographers - Paid

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I need 20 amateur photographers to act as paparazzi for an event.


No experience necessary

Date: 24 July Thurs

2.5hrs: from 6.30pm (call time) to 9pm

Location: City area (to be made know via PM)

Equipment: Bring own camera(DSLR) with flash

Dress: Pants (no shorts) with white shirt or black shirt with photo vest if possible.

Payment: $30 for the 2.5 hrs

There will be some celebrity (cannot reveal now)

PM me if interested.

(And no I am not the photographer for this event. And I so don't need 20 ppl to back me up or use their images)

I have 15 PMs and 5 places more to go.

Will contact all who PM me tomorrow or latest Fri.

Take this as a chance to experience a red carpet and launch of a high profile product event without worrying how your shots turn out and get paid too.


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