Lighting Tips - Home studio, outdoor, etc.

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Jan 17, 2002
Like to reproduce this here before this thread on home studio lighting is flushed out from HWZ forum.

Need advice for good, cheap home studio lighting. Mainly for taking human portraits. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Get a pair of flash brollies (umbrellas), a pair of cheapo flashes (better if got variable power output) with the flash/umbrella mount. You can then mount the umbrella + flash onto 2 tripods. The umbrellas cost about $30+, the holder about $30+. So the whole thing should cost you less than $200.

ahbeng3 (aka streetshooter):
Or, instead of using flash umbrellas, you could make diffusion panels (see ). Mount the flashes onto the tripods, and trigger them off with slave flash shoes ($18 at CP - made in China type). You can buy the cheap flashes at second hand camera shops. Quality is not a problem, just make sure they work.

For hotlights, I made my own using spoilt uplighters. These had 300w halogen holders. I put them into a mooncake tin, fitted dimmers and barndoors, and mount them on a tripod. Works great!

Here are some links that I found on home studio lighting and outdoor lighting, that I like to share with all:

Low-Budget Umbrella Flash for Dummies - This site contains information on how to set up the lighting for a low budget studio.

Web Photo School - This site has quite a lot of information on setting up the lighting for indoor, outdoor and product photography.

You are welcome to add more if you have any other links. Thanks! :)

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