[Leong23] High Speed Flash Photography

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Oct 18, 2007
within myself
Hi all

Didn't posted here for sometime.

After seeing this thread

decided to share this photo taken 1 week ago, using high speed flash photography.
The speed should is appoximately 1/20,000sec.


Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

Thanks for viewing

wow you bring the standard of macro to the next levels. This is the real shots.

Thanks for viewing.

The setup is my first prototype, will be trying out this week again with some fine tuning.


Is this something you designed / built yourself or a commercially purchased unit?

Yes not familiar too... can share more!

This is amazing... would be interested to know how you did this too..

Award winning photo ;) :thumbsup:
Truly inspirational :lovegrin:

Hi all

Thanks for viewing.

The photo is actually inspired by Dr. Graeme Guy Humming Birds Shot recently in Costa Rica.
The setup is actually using Greg Downing's Humming bird setup.

Very simple setup, just using several flashes and dial down to low power and the duration of the flash will be your shutter speed.

For Greg Downing, he using 1/16 power and able to obtain a flash speed of 1/20,000sec.

For my case, i'm shooting in very close distance, around 1m away using my Nikon 200mm Macro lens. It allow me to use 1/64 power, the speed might reaches up to 1/60,000sec, which actually i don't need that fast.

Hopefully i'm free to shoot this week using slightly improved setup as the above photo is my first try in HSF Photography.



Another shot taken on the same day.


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